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9ef2ae6b-ae45-4b08-8ebe-8e5658be7af1For All My Women Football Fans Out There! This Is For You! Mainly, But honestly this is for Any & Everybody who wants to up their knowledge of Football Betting.

I basically wanted to Fly Out a Great looking Whiteboard Explainer Video, and here it is! All Credit goes to Sports Betting For Dummies.

How to Bet Sports

Sports Betting For Dummies

Whenever you see a team with a (-) negative number next to them, (-5 in this case) it means that team is favored to win by that number of points.

The number after the matchup (41) is the projected total points to be scored by both teams added together.

There are two options here. A player can choose to bet on the matchup, either San Fran -5 points or St. Louis +5 points.

For the player who wagers on San Francisco -5, San Fran must win by more than 5 points for this to be a winning wager.

For the player who wagers on St. Louis +5, they must either win the game or lose by less than 5 points for this to be a winning bet.

If the outcome falls on the number, the bet is declared a “Push” and your original stake amount gets refunded.

See, that wasn’t too difficult, was it?

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