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​Welcome to Abe’s F5. Five fantasy much start plays. Fanduel, Draft Kings and other such leagues are fun. Unlike the old style of fantasy where you draft for a whole year, these new leagues allow you to pick a new team each week which is totally awesome. This style is perfect for the Abe-like people cause I’m in and out. Once I’m done with you, I move on. I don’t want last week’s players, baby. I win and I’m on to the next. But anyway, you’ll like these picks, there not the norm. Enjoy & here’s to hoping you win some moolah off these F5’s.

1 – Any Patriot on the offensive side: They’re playing the Jaguars. Need I go on? I will only because I need to write a certain amount of words to fill an article. Tom Brady, The Pope’s in Philly this weekend but the blessed arm is in New England. Tom wins, scores touchdowns and dominates these type of fantasy leagues. I’m expecting no less than 5 td’s. Gronk. I’m thinking Gronk catches 3 of those 5 td’s thrown by Brady. Edelman. He’s Tom’s favorite and is on pace for a 100+ reception season and Fanduel rewards receptions. Deon Lewis. Who? No one knows who he is but since he’s a Patriot he’ll put up another 20 points and help you win some money.

​2 – Larry Fitzgerald: He’s back. Fitz hasn’t had much value in recent seasons. Especially last year with Carson Palmer hurt. Now Carson is healthy and he’s looking to hook up with his favorite target early and often. Last week Fitz had 8 catches for 112 yards and 3 touchdowns. They play the 49ers this week who were torched by the Steelers in week 2. Antonio Bron assassinated the 49ers secondary last week and I see no reason why Fitz doesn’t do the same to them in week 3.

​3 – Panthers Defense: The Panthers play the Saints week 3. One would think that to be a problem. Those are the people who haven’t seen the Saints play this year. They are terrible. Colston looks old, Brandon Cook is hurting a lot of favorite teams that drafted him, Jeremy Graham is in Seattle, and Drew Brees is out in week 3. Poor, poor Saints. The Saints are coming off a 26-19 loss to the Bucs. (CTHU) They lost to the Bucs! Who does that?) No one loses to the Bucs. I know this is supposed to be about the Panthers Defense. The Panthers play the Saints so by default they are a top defensive play this week and a cheap price.

​4 – Leonard Hankerson: Last week he had 6 receptions for 77 yards and a td. What makes him a good, low price play is the fact that the Falcons love to pass the ball. Julio Jones is a stud and he’s going to get his catches. Teams tend to focus on him leaving the #2 receiver with one-on0one coverage throughout the game. Usually that would mean Roddy White but last week White had 0 catches and only one target. Meaning Matt Ryan is now looking at his young receiver as the new #2. Helping his case is the Falcons play Dallas this week and they are still without their top cb. This will surely lead to a lot of targets for Hankerson making his a quality, low priced play.

​5 – Colts receivers: Ty Hilton, when healthy is the Colts top receiver. He seems to be healthy going into week 3 against the Titans. The Titans gave up 28 points to the Manziel lead Browns. If Manziel can put up 28 and he lost his job after the win, what is Andrew Luck going to do? Heaven knows, one can only imagine. Hilton only had 45 yards on 4 catches but the Colts are 0-2 and looking to take their frustration out on someone. I expect Hilton to have a good game.

If he’s too expensive for you then is less expensive counterpart Donte Moncrief will be an equal or better play. On Monday might against a high quality Jets team (I almost added the Jets in the top 5 sine they play the dysfunctional Eagles…Bonus play) Moncrief had 7 catches for 122 yards and a td. If he can do that against the Jets, imagine what he will do against the Titans defensive that doesn’t employ cb studs like Revis and Cromartie?

I’d consider playing both Hilton and Moncrief but if that’s not your style, either one will do. After this game people won’t remember the Titans but they will remember what the Colts did to them.

​This will do it for our week 3 fantasy guide. If any of this helps you, well, enjoy your winnings. We don’t need a cut. If none of this helps you then blame yourself for not following ESPN projections. Now get outta here. BTW, I wouldn’t mind helping you enjoy those winnings. Abe’s not the kind of guy to beg but I will ask a lot of times with my hand cupped and my hat out. So let’s enjoy those winnings cause if it wasn’t for me and this F5 report you would probably wouldn’t have won diddly! But then again, who da h*ll wants to win diddly?


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