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IT’S AN OLD PLAYED OUT SHEEPSKIN COAT. BUT TO COLIN KAEPERNACK,  Kaepernip, Kappa, Kippa, Cappadonna, d**mit i cant say Kaepernick!

Whatever! NFL Star & San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick ( there i said it ) believes that wearing a played out old sheepskin coat from the 80’s will somehow solidify his point about not singing The National Anthem!

How? Well…….. This is what Colin had to say:

“By Wearing this coat I’m showing that were all a bunch of Sheeps bout to be slaughtered”! And when people see this coat they’ll think Sheeps and by bringing awareness to the fact that we’re all Sheeps, people will somehow, eventually…………just  stop singing The National Anthem”!

“It all started when i looked in my closet and out of all the fly designer gear, The Gucci, Versace, The Polo & Ralph Lauren, I Said you know what? Im a Rock This Old Played Out Sheepskin Coat from The 80’s”


“I been checkin out how Rappers Young Thug & Yung Joc flipped da script in the Fashion World so i said, I’m a hop in too”! But the difference is im a be rockin this Played Out Old Sheepskin Coat! And just by people seeing me in this coat, they will somehow, eventually…………just stop singing The National Anthem”.

At this point I Abe Finklestein, realized there was only one logical question to ask Colin, and that question was this:

Hey Colin! Where You Get Your Weed From? You Smoke The Good Don’t You?

With that Colin Cooly Shrugged, Wiped some Imaginary Dirt off his shoulder, climbed into his 4 Wheel Drive Expedition and Dramatically Sped Off Blasting The New De La Soul C.D “and the Anonymous Nobody” ( btw its not bad )

I tried to tell em he had slammed his Sheepskin Coat in the car door, and it was hanging out and draggin on the ground.

But he ain’t listen though!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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