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To Make Sure This Conversation/Debate I Had With Adayus Knight A Representative Of Facebook Group Sixers 24/7, Was Social Media Sports Fan Worthy, I Play The Role Of The Frustrated Casual Sixers Fan Whose Sick Of The B.S!

It Plays Out Great As It Allows The Very Sharp Minded Adayus To Make Strong & Legitimate Points With Great Clarity! This Begins My New Adventure & Foray Into The Exciting World Of Engaging & Debating Members Of Huge & Well Known Facebook & Twitter Sports Groups.

Once Again This Website Continues To Expand As Far As Growth Of Everyday Common Man Relatable Sports Content. Thanx For The Share & The Bookmark!

Adayus Knight Appears Courtesy Of Sixers 24/7 Facebook Group.

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humor


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