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The King Of Sports Humour LADIES WOULD YOU LET YOUR BABY SWIM? NO EVEN BETTER YET, WOULD YOU EVEN PUT YOUR Precious Lil Baby anywhere near a Huge Body of Water like a swimming Pool? Is This Natural or Nuts? Well one quick look at this Video and you’ll soon find out, and to be honest the information is quite astonishing as you will find out that Babies…. Never mind, you know what we’re gonna just let you watch The Video.

And a good one it is as it teaches you a thing or two about Babies and Water and Underwater and quite a few other things. It’s kinda funny that the Babies in this Video are White only, and you don’t see any Black Babies, so we asked a couple of Black Women Who had Babies about this and their response was this:

image Say What??

image Say What??

the King of Sports Humour
Say What??

Then we asked some Black Babies how they felt about this and their response was this:

the King Of Sports Humour
Are You My Daddy??
The King Of Sports Humour
Are You My Daddy??
The King Of Sports Humour
Are You My Daddy?

Ok! Um.. That’s a whole nother different story and we don’t cover that, we’ll leave that to Maury Povich, but for now enjoy the vid and remember the guys who did this video get all the credit for the knowledge and all that smart stuff. We’re just here to make you laugh.
And Oh yea, one more baby has this to say:

The King Of Sports Humour
Hey Mom ! There’s a Prize in My Diaper!

Sports Humour

Footage from “Secret Life of Babies” narrated by Martin Clunes.
Broadcast on ITV1 on Tuesday June 3rd at 9pm (2014)

Oxford Scientific Films 2014


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