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RECENTLY WE’VE BEEN TOLD THAT IT WOULD BE COOL IF WE PUT TOGETHER A TOP 5 LIST OF REASONS WHY LEBRON JAMES IS HATED On so much. So here it is, to all our readers this is it! Your Top 5 reason LEBRON James is Hated on.

NO. 1 – HIS MONEY AND THE WAY HE’S PIMPED THE NBA – Everybody knows Lebron’s got that “Mawney”, It’s just the way he went about it that ticks some people off. He went from Beloved but Failing Son in Cleveland to Sipping Champagne and Winning in Miami. Why? Cause he wanted to win and of course Miami was willing to pay him ” Mo Money” Mo Money “Mo Money!” And everything was cool.

But then he decided to go back to Cleveland, Why? Cause He wanted to Win- um we mean….. Cause Cleveland was paying him” Mo Money” “Mo Money””Mo Money”! And even though he’s taken Cleveland to The Chip, some people still see him as a High Priced Basketball Whore that will sell out to the highest bidder.

NO. 2 – HE MARRIED HIS HIGHSCHOOL SWEETHEART AND SHE’S STILL SEXY- There’s nothing wrong with Marrying your high school sweetheart, it’s just the fact that she’s still sexy that’s got to hurt. Case in point you know that girl that was hot in High School but now when you see her she’s got three kids and now she’s all Fat & Farty? A lot of guys know what I’m talking about because you’re now Married to Fat & Farty, but Fat & Farty wasn’t always Fat & Farty, there was a time when she was Slim, Hot & Tight. You know kinda like the way Lebron’s wife is now.

So for Lebron to Marry Slim, Hot & Tight and 15+ yrs. later still have Slim, Hot & Tight meanwhile you have to come home every night to Fat & Farty, this is why some people hate on Lebron.

NO. 3 – HIS INSTAGRAM POSTS- Social Media has taken over! What used to be Private moments for athletes are now public and leading the pack is none other than King James himself. On any given day you can check his Instagram and find him doing what some would call ridiculous & comically over-the-top posts! Some people quite simply just don’t like this, we personally think it’s cool, we’re not Haters.

NO. 4 – HIS COMPARISONS TO MICHAEL JORDAN- Honestly, C’mon! The Guys been around for 10+ yrs. now, his numbers are getting up there, so inevitably the comparisons are gonna come, but for some, or should we say a lot of NBA Purists this comparison is Stupid and Unwarranted ( is unwarranted a word? ) whatever, some people Hate on Lebron for this very reason.

NO. 5 – HE EXPOSED HIS PENIS ON NATIONAL TV – Nothing says please come hate me more than you hate me now than Exposing your Penis on National TV. Yep! That’ll do it every time! It’s one thing to have more money and fame than his haters but for them to to now know that his Pecker Picker can Pick more Peppers then their Peter Piper can Pick has gotta hurt. And that’s what it comes down to folks, LeBron is Packing a Manwich in his Lunchbox while most of his Haters are Packing a Twinkie and an ole Ham Sammich in their Lunchbox. ( we know how to spell sandwich )

On a Personal note we see Lebron as a Championship and a Great Player whose done nothing wrong but chase Success, you know kinda like we all are.

So there it is, our Top 5 Reasons why Lebron James is hated. Did we miss anything? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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