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The King of Sports HumourSINCE ALL OF AMERICA AND THE FOOTBALL UNIVERSE Has their eyes on The Phila Eagles following some pretty bold offseason moves by Head Coach Chip Kelly we thought now would be a perfect time to dig up dirt we mean umm give you a closer look at their new starting QB Sam Bradford with this quick list of fun facts.

Before we start though here’s a word to the wise ” Don’t eat at inner city food joints where the food is served through a hole in a window and the cook has on a full blown winter coat while cooking your food and can’t speak full English! Don’t do it man! Ok so here’s da freakin list.

1. Sam Bradford is 1/16 Cherokee Indian and listed as an official Citizen on The Cherokee Nation’s Tribe Roll ( in other words he got Indian in his family )

2.He’s the second Native American to win The Heisman Trophy (2008) the first being Jim Plunkett (1981)

3. Dish Network included Bradford on their Biggest NFL Busts Bracket ( wow when did Dish Network start taking themselves so seriously?)

4.The King of Sports HumourHe used to date Hot Runway Model Karlie Kloss ( wow she needs her own clothing line- I can just hear all the rappers now screaming “yo I wear dat Karli Kloss yo” )

5.The king of sports humourHe’s no longer with the Hot Runway Model and is now dating Arkansas Communication Major Emma Lee Lavey ( born serial killer name – watch out Sam ) from Fayetville Arkansas ” The Sticks” so far in the woods you actually see Beavers building Damms. Personally we think the Runway Model is hotter but to be honest he looks very happy with his current hottie “Emma”


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