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The King of Sports HumourHEY! REMEMBER THE BRUCE LEE WANNA BE? THE FAKE BRUCE LEE? BRUCE LI? Remember that? When Bruce Lee died they threw this guy Bruce LI in the mix, and we were supposed to believe that he was just as good as BruceLee. Well we ( )got the whole story about this guy and actually it was pretty easy, as we just went to Wikipedia and totally just ripped the info off for ourselves! Thanks Wiki!

Relax everybody, Wikipedia only prints info and statistics on someone’s history or background, they don’t give their opinion and make people laugh like we do.

So we didn’t plagiarize ourselves we just thought his story would interest a lot of people and there really is nothing funny about Bruce Li’s life ( except for the fact that he was a legitimate actor with a solid Martial Arts background who got caught up in the whole Bruce Lee is dead thing, and because of that he was robbed of having a normal career,and to this very day he will always be known as The fake azz Bruce Lee as he was forced into being “the new Bruce Lee) but other than that, nothing is funny about this former karate star.


The King of Sports Humour
But you know what is funny? A bunch of Clowns getting out of a small car, that always kills me! ( Abe finklestein ) I mean every time I see it I laugh, it’s just too much! Its Freakin Hilarious! Cmon is there anyone else out there who thinks this is funny too????….nobody? Just me??… Ok!

The Following is a quic Biography of Bruce Li’s life, that we Totally Jacked from Wikipedia. And a Throwback Movie trailer from “Exit The Dragon”! One more thing- it’s kinda cool that his real name is Bruce LI, I always thought they just kinda made that up. Oh wait a minute! They did.

Bruce Li (Chinese: 何宗道; pinyin: Hé Zōngdào) (born Ho Chung-tao June 5, 1950) is a Taiwanese actor, martial artist and Bruce Lee imitator who starred in martial arts films from the Bruceploitation movement.[1] Li is perhaps best known for his role as Bruce Lee in the 1976 film Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth.

He went to play a stuntman in Taiwan and Hong Kong under the name of James Ho.

At the death of Bruce Lee, Ho Chung-tao’s real career began. Hong Kong studios noticed that Ho resembled the kung fu star. They first employed him in Conspiracy before the producers of Game of Death asked him to finish their movie in Lee’s role. Ho declined the offer.

After this, Ho was employed by producer actor Jimmy Shaw who gave him the name of Bruce Li.

While Ho was finishing his military service, he appeared in Good Bye Bruce Lee. He would star in other documentaries in 1976 with The Young Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth.

As Li, his career improved dramatically. Some Taiwanese and Hong Kong producers decided to directly credit him as “Bruce Lee”, even going so far as to use the real Bruce Lee’s picture on posters. Li even appeared in Bruce Lee vs Supermen where he stars as Kato, assistant of the Green Hornet, a role originally played by the real Bruce Lee.

The producers really wanted to show Li as the “official” successor of Bruce Lee. In the 1976 movie Exit the Dragon Enter the Tiger, Li meets Lee who points to him as the one who shall replace him. Li was dubbed the “Tiger” to Lee’s “Dragon”. Li appeared in Return of the Tiger, starring Angela Mao. In it, Bruce Li fights Paul Smith.

Ho carried on by playing in two unofficial sequels to Bruce Lee’s classic Fist of Fury.

In 1976, Ho reprised his role as Bruce Lee in Bruce Lee the True Story (also known as Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth), a biography film. Li choreographed the combat sequences himself. Being very successful, fans recognize it as one of the best biopics of Bruce Lee.

Ho kept shooting martial arts movies until the 1980s. He also directed movies, including the 1981 film The Chinese Stuntman.

Bruceploitation was jumping the shark and Li knew it. He had trouble separating himself from his Bruce Lee roles and had many rivals in the genre. In 1985, Ho ended his career after his wife’s death. He returned to Taiwan to become a physical education instructor at Taipei’s Ping Chung University. He also has taught martial arts for comedian apprentices. Since then he has appeared only very briefly in martial arts cinema or Bruce Lee documentaries.

In 1990, Li retired from acting at the age of 40.

Bruce Li’s career was the focus of a segment of the 1995 documentary Top Fighter. In the segment, he stated that he was unhappy that the studios wanted to turn him into a Bruce Lee marketing gimmick, saying “I could act like him but I could never be him.”

Filmography Edit

Movies Edit
Bruce Against Iron Hand (1972)
Rickshaw Man (1974) (aka Rickshaw Driver, Shaolin Kung Fu)
Bruce Lee: A Dragon Story (1974) (aka Superdragon and The Bruce Lee Story)
Iron Man (1975)
Goodbye, Bruce Lee: His Last Game of Death (1975)
Bruce Lee Against Supermen (1975)
Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth (1976)
Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger (1976)
Enter the Panther (1976)
Bruce Lee’s Secret (1976) (aka Bruce Lee’s Deadly Kung Fu and Story of the Dragon)
The Ming Patriots (1977) (aka Revenge of the Patriots)
Bruce Li in New Guinea (1977)
Bruce Lee the Invincible (1977)
The Dragon Lives (1977)
Bruce Lee, We Miss You (1977) (aka Dragon Dies Hard)
Fist of Fury II (1977) (aka Chinese Connection 2 and Fist of Fury Part II)
Soul Brothers of Kung Fu (1978)
The Image of Bruce Lee (1978) (aka Storming Attacks)
Fists of Bruce Lee (1978)
Edge of Fury (1978)
Dynamo (1978)
Deadly Strike (1978)
Bruce Li’s Magnum Fist (1978)
Bruce Lee vs. the Iron Dragon (1978)
Game of Death (1978)
Return of the Tiger (1979)
The Lama Avenger (1979) (aka “The Three Avengers”)
Blind Fist of Bruce (1979)
The Iron Dragon Strikes Back (1981)
Fist of Fury III (1980)
The Chinese Stuntman (1981)
Powerforce (1982)

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