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image( Unassociated Press) BREAKING NEWS TONY ROMO HAS GOT “THE AIDS”!! This article is a little bit dated as it is about a January 4th playoff game in which Tony’s Cowboys beat The Detroit ( oh my god were the worstesest franchise in the history of worstesest franchises) Lions. Late in the game the referee’s made an easy pass interference call against the Cowboys allowing the Lions to keep the ball.  Then they realized this would screw the Cowboys so they picked up the flag and gave the ball to the Boys. Thus giving Romo and The Cowboys ” THE AIDS”! ( assistance from the referees) If you look at some of the other Cowboys wins in 2014 it is clear that they have beaen getting ” THE AIDS” from the zebra boys and have benefited from having “THE AIDS”! And for some strange reason having “THE AIDS” for Tony Romo & The Dallas Cowboys is a good thing!
After the Lions were cheated, the referee’s, the commissioner, the league, Jerry Jones, and that “big round sloppy Fat-Albert looking” Chris Christie all celebrated in “His Important Volley”  or better known as “HIV” which was positive in “AIDING” the win. ” THE AIDS” ( assistance from the referees) allowed Tony to win a playoff game he didn’t deserve and assured the public he’s now a slightly lesser choke artist then we’ve all come to know and loathe……In other news, after his spectacular Fail Mary debacle Dez Bryant now also wants to get “THE AIDS”!


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