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Let’s Get Straight Into It! Can A Boy Now Grow up In America and actually want to be “Female Athlete of The Year”? Honestly, To all The Father’s reading this, if your Son told you he wanted to be Female Athlete of The Year, after you Smack him in the mouth!

I mean um…… after you pop 3 xanax and guzzle your beer straight down, you would probably say “Son? Why not Male Athlete of The Year”? Right? But instead of your son saying “yea Dad you’re right”, he says “No Dad! I Said,Female”!

This just might be,The Physco Phenomenon known as The Caitlyn Jenner Effect! Where a Person is born of male gender, transforms to female gender and then proceeds to reap all The Benefits of their new gender.

Bruce Jenner in his day was a Top Notch Olympic Athlete! But when he got Old & The Glory Faded, he switched his gender up, and Bamm! Just like that, The Glory & Attention was back!

Now, all it would take is your Son to peep some old footage of Bruce in his Heyday, he gets inspired and realizes he can have that glory just like Young Bruce!

But he also realizes, he too will one day get old & The Glory will fade. But wait! Your Son will also realize that when he gets old, he too can switch up his gender just like Bruce,and keep “All That Heavenly Glory” Going! (Yes, yes I did steal that line from Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon”) Sue Me!

The Bottom line is this, if this becomes a trend, there’s gonna be a lot of Lopsided Sporting Contests and that’s gonna mess up The Books in Vegas!

And Pretty Soon you’ll have Big Guys in Black Suits visiting Lil Billy’s & Lil Johnny’s all Across America! Telling them “don’t make that decision kid” Dont get that Banana Split or we’ll come back & Split your Bananas”!

Hey! It could happen! And if it does my advice to all of You Fathers out there, is……..

Refill your Prescription of Xanax!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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