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Wanna Bring Finklestein To Your Next Pre Game Party? Well Now You Can Party With The King Baby! Hey If You Got The Dime I Got The Time! If You Got The Doe I Got The Show With The Flow! And…. Oh Goodness!! All These Cornball Azz Sayings! Look!… Just Watch Da Freakin Video & If You Want Me At Your Party You Know What To Do!

And One More Thing! Kyle Johnson From My Third Grade Class, I Know It Was You That Stole My Half Eaten Devil Dog & My Bag Of Cheetos Out My Desk! Pussbag! When I See You I’m a Smack Ya Chin Into The Outer Reaches Of Space Man!

I Needed Them Cheetos & That Cupcake Man! I was Hungry! Plus I Miss  The Bus & Had To Walk Home That Day & The Dye From My Lee Jeans Turned My Underwear Blue! ?????.

It’s Going Down Kyle! It’s Going Down!

Abe Finklestein
Sports News & Humor


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