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image Unassociated Press- FINALLY AMERICA CAN BREATHE as The Sony hackers who’ve been monkeying around with people’s info have been caught! Here they are pictured above monkeying around on a high voltage train track. One of them got electrocuted but luckily he was revived by his lil monkey friend. One high level Sony executive  Thomas George is calling the whole thing bananas and he can’t believe a couple of homeless monkeys who hang by the train tracks could pull off this mastermind crime! Quite simply put George is curious and he wants to know who’s gonna clean up all that monkey sh*t. Right now the monkey’s are in custody at the local county jail in PHILA known as CFCF trying to get some money on their commissary, extorting other inmates for loose cigarettes, making chee chee’s (oodles of noodles with whatever else you  can find in jail to put in it) and hollering out phone check beeyatchez! When asked why they did the hacking the monkeys replied “This is for what y’all did to Michael Jackson” and what the hell do you humans expect from us cause after all when it all boils down to it…………….”Hey Hey where the Monkees you better stop messin

Abefinklestein1 satire/entertainment

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