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The Atmosphere Was Hyped and The Fans Were Pretty Lit! I enjoyed myself and I discovered that hardcore sports fans were willing to have a legitimate sports convo with me despite my Zany, Loud Fashion Statements!

Wait a minute! That don’t sound right, how bout : Ayy Baby! Abe Loves The Fans! And The Fans Love Abe! Shoutout to all The Phila. Fans & Fans Of Sports around The World!

I also ran into The 97.5 fanatic Program Director who encouraged me to keep sending in my weekly radio spots. I’ll get that radio gig on the fanatic sooner or later!

That’s why i’m ridin wit y’all fans! For y’all i try to put out The Most funniest Relevant material, whether it be video, radio reports or written.  All i ask is that y’all check for me, talk about me and share me. That way we can bubble & rise together! I Said Together y’all!

Of course we all know the moment i get put on I’m a Sellout, Marry a Kadashian Sister, move to Beverly Hills, start talking proper & hang out with Al Sharpton & Don Lemon & Forget about all of yall!

Actually I would never do something like that but it just feels better to end this article with Sarcasm!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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