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imageYO PHILA. EAGLES PLAYER CONNOR BARWIN GOT  A BAD DO! His wig is done! I mean what kinda Lil Richard ” awop bopa loobop awop bam do deal is going on with this mans hair? Who cut’s this mans  hair Stevie Wonder? We can’t be the only one’s that notice this, y’all see this catastrophe y’all see this prison ( I’m on the yard liftin weights with a pea coat on ) special haircut. I mean dizzang somebody went olskool wit a bowl a razor and a comb on homeboy. Oh this is just bad I mean Barbers everywhere should have a moment of silence for this mans hair cut. Wow instead of a haircut were gonna call it a haircut it da f#*kout!  Cause he needs to stop.


No but seriously folks Rock & roll legend Lil Richard recently saw a pix of Poor Connor’s haircut and said these words….and we quote this ” Michael Jackson stole my stuff , Prince stole my stuff and now Connor Barwin? Wow this is just embarrassing, it’s a mess so to shed light on the whole situation we recently spoke to Connor himself about the Bad Haircut and his immediate response was………. Awop bop balloo bop awop Bamm boo tooty fruity aww rudy!  A tooty fruity aww Rudy! Then he started gyrating his pelvis and things got a lil awkward and  finally…..we just left.



sports humour


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