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The king of sport humourTHE FIRST OFFICIAL MICHAEL SAM ” Hey Girl” AWARD GOES TO ” Hey” JAMES HARDEN, he might not have officially come out of the closet yet but that mini-skirt-looking-thing he was caught wearing should have never been in his closet in the first place. Where the hell you shopping at, James? Dolce and Gabbana Ladies section? No one will ever again believe that you’re there shopping for your girl.


As Harden enters the stadium we wouldn’t be surprised if he was listening to Diana Ross’s “Im comin out” He probably wants that “clutch” not the clutch your thinking of, he’s probably thinking of that clutch purse that would go lovely with his skirt. Perhaps some matching earrings? Aw what the hell. Why doesn’t he become what he really wants to be and get traded to Atlanta. (Wink) The pattern on his skirt is as spaced out as his decision to wear it. He tried to man-it-up with the Army shirt but, nope, that was a fail. G.I. Joe meets Private Benjamin. (Google It ) Not buying the look, James. Not  buying the whole Bearded Lady look.

They call him ” The Beard” But this week, with him winning the Michael Sam “Hey Girl” Award, we think it’d be better fitting if we call him.. Um……. “The Girl”!  Pretty soon he’ll be petitioning the League insisting he be allowed to wear High Heeled Nikes! The Bottomline is  James Harden is set to win the 2015 WNBA MVP. Oops We mean um….. Um The NBA “MVP” as in   “A Man who Values his Prettiness”.

Adayus Knight

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