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The King of Sports Humour DID NFL LEGEND ARCHIE MANNING (Father of Peyton & Eli) JUST GO THERE? DID HE ACTUALLY USE THE “N” WORD When referring to Carolina Panthers Cam Newton? We get a lot of strange, controversial news at this Website and it had to be found out if this rumor was true.

So i reached out to Archie and asked him did he say the ” N” word and you wont believe his response!

Abe Finklestein: Archie im not gonna waste time and ask you how you’re doing and all that formal crap, let’s get straight down to it! Did you call Cam Newton the “N” word?

Archie Manning: “Yes! I did! Cause that’s just what he is, a great Big Ole Nagger! He wines he complains he just Nags da hell out of everybody! He nags about people being racist, he nags about the whole ” I’m a black quarterback so everybody hates me thing” he nags about his sandals, his end zone dancing, he just nags! Yes i did call him a Nagger cause that’s just what he is”!

“He’s an excellent QB! He can Run, Throw, Read Defenses & Score with the best of them! He’s Strong Confident & has Swag that makes him a Strong Nagger! He’s Big & Mobile that makes him a Big Nagger! He’s a Great Role Model for all Young Black Men seeing as though he is just that, A Young Black Man”.

“But despite all that to me he’s still a Nagger. But he’s not just your average Nagger! He’s  A Big Black Strong Fast Nagger”!

Abe Finklestein: Wow! (somebody must really watch a lot of Southpark ?)  I’m uh… Glad you cleared that up cause for a second there I thought you were gonna  say another word that’s considered racist & highly offensive to Black people everywhere. So? Are you cool with Black people and do you like Cam Newton?

Archie Manning: ” Yes! Of course I have no problem with Black people, my Maid & Chauffeur are black and as far as me & Cam being cool? Lets just say that Cams my Ninja”!

Abe Finklestein: I’m Speechless!

Abe Finklestein

Sports Humour


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