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The King of Sports Humour WE TAKE A HILARIOUS LOOK AT VINTAGE WOMEN’S BASKETBALL OUTFITS FROM THE PAST, BUT FIRST OFF WE WOULD Like to say “Yes! Virginia Slims Cigarettes” Yes We did bite your old slogan “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!” for our headline, but nobody cares and nobody even smokes your stinky ole cigarettes anymore!

Nowadays when people hear the name Virginia Slims, more than likely they probably think you’re talking about Biggie Smalls Wife or some kind of Skinny Female Rapper from Virginia. Β Also, back in the day y’all fired my Uncle “Poot” for taking 50 cases of y’all cigarettes every week, and selling them on the street for half price aaaaaaaand for showing up at Y’all company picnic with Biggie Smalls Wife.

Nonetheless we go in hard on these Female Athletes of years past & there ridiculous Outfits, and were sure you will enjoy this piece! Cause hey! Face it, when it comes to Female Athletes, everybody wants to enjoy a piece! Of The Glory that is, get your mind out da gutter!

The King of Sports Humour
Lets start with these woman from 1902, The Philadelphia Funeralettes, wearing what many believe to be the first sweatsuits ever made and as you can see, instead of ball players they resemble color blind Airline Stewardesses’. Who picked these outfits out anyway? Keith Sweats Grandma?

Then you have The Bostin Backtouchers, pictured above, they were 0-89 but the important thing here is they always had each others back!
The King of Sports Humour

Then you had The San Francisco Stepsitters, they never played a game but boy oh boy! Did they sure nuff make sitting on steps look good! Their record was 0- 89
The King of Sports Humour
Then, of course the women you see featured in our headlines “The Clark County Cowgirls” who had to be their own Cheerleaders for every game. We don’t no their record but we do know they were very good Chearleaders & were Undefeated in Pom Pom Presentation.
The King of Sports Humour
And last but not least, we have “Teek Teek & Dem” from Southside Chicago pictured above, we tried to get their real names but the only info that was available was “Teek Teek & Dem” from Southside Chicago. They won all of there games by argument not points! You say how? We say, well, think about it? Who da hell do you know that can beat a Black Women an a Argument?

So there you have it readers we just took you back down memory lane & edjumacated you & exposed you to the Comedy of Errs that used to past for Women’s Basketball Outfits. Women’s Basketball is more poular than ever & continues to grow in popularity, but most importantly once and for all, at this time in history we can all proudly say “Thanx God! Finally! Somebody got the uniforms right!

The King of Sports Humour

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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