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THIS IS NOT A DISS JUST AN INQUISITIVE Look into a Bigtime Franchise that lately has been producing little time results. No.1 if you’re a Sixers fan then you know and love basketball then you know right now that your team ” uh um” kinda aint doing too well ( were trying to be nice) and things don’t seem like they’ll be getting better anytime soon so what do you do? It seems just like it was yesterday when A.I and the boys were leading us to a “CHIP” (championship in sports slang) and then came the other A.I Andre (boring as dry oatmeal) Igadaua (we hope we spelled it right) and that capable but not good enough sqaud who to be fair did a nice lil bit of damage in the 2012 playoffs which was very exciting but most of all appreciated. To  this current situation ( oogh we wanna say mess so bad but we wont) Brett Brown and this current team are a complete mess! (there we said it) and to be honest this proud (at least used to be proud) fanbase deserves better “so much betta” I mean at this point their giving away tickets and i wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future they start paying fans to come to games. This is not just “bad” but “record breaking bad” I mean what’s next are the fans gonna start wearing paper bags over their heads next? But look on the bright side you can go anywhere in the world and rock a Sixers Jersey or Hat and get Respect! The brand is bigger then winning or losing it’s Iconic. And there’s always the draft. So Sixers Fans we say to you in all respect (were sixers fans too) be patient things are only get better! (take your hats and coats off this might take a minute.

<strong>sports humour</strong>

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