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image THEY’RE ROUGH THEY’RE TOUGH THEY’RE FIERCE! Who are they? They’re the quick lil mini me’s of the track and field world, yes these are the future stars of midget racing that started in Australia in 2009 and from what we’ve seen these midgets are serious! One openly gay midget who goes by the name of Sweet & Low said ” this is my life it’s what I do! When asked how they dealt with the constant smart remarks and jokes a suburban preppy white midget by the name of short bread said ” most tall people make jokes but a well placed punched to the nuts usually stops the jokes”.

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A typical day for a track and field midget ( a tridget ) consists of awaking at 5 a.m eating breakfast and then 15 minutes after eating that breakfast they rush to the bathroom because face it when you’re 3 ft. 7 the food ain’t got far too go. Then they go back too sleep because that lil bit of activity tires their lil azzes out. They  re-awake at 8 a.m and start a rigorous training regiment that consists of running from school children and adults and dogs, this keeps them in tip top shape to compete in the soon to be World  famous Midget Cup where all the top Tridgets come out to play. A variety of track and field activities take place at the Midget Cup that are truly awesome to watch. So remember folks if you ever want to participate just remember — hoot, holler & have fun but just know any and all short jokes will result in a swift kick to the nuts!



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