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The King of Sports Humour WOW WHO KNEW? WATCH STEPHEN CURRY AKA LIGHTSKIN THUNDER Show a mouthy fan that he can, will and just might get the Business! And when we say Business, we don’t mean a Suit and Tie and a Briefcase, we mean getting yo azz whipped!

What you’ll love most about this clip is that the fan is all mouth until Stephen turns around and heads towards him, watch his body language, it goes from cocky trash talker to dude chill out I’m just a fan.

Also, notice his buddies standing with him offer absolutely no support throughout the whole ordeal and honestly can you blame them? What would you do if a whole gang of 6 ft. 5 dudes got in your face at a nationally televised event with The Sony Trinitron watching you? Nothing!

Personally, I Abe Finklestein would’ve fell into Stephen aka Lightskin Thunder and his gang of Tall people, slid to the floor and screamed ” help! I’m being attacked!” And of course that Million Dollar Lawsuit would follow and Stephen and his tall cronies would settle out of court and I would be ” PAID!”

But that’s just me, what do I know? Well I’ll tell you what I know, the fan in this clip got punked by Lightskin Thunder! And I’ll tell you what else I know, this is how Caitlyn Jenner probably looks without The Makeup and Lighting.

The King of Sports Humour

Sports Humour



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