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The King of Sports HumourOH MY GOODNESS! SERENA WILLIAMS IS A BEAST! JUST WATCH THIS CLIP And you will be very afraid, as she displays her Tennis Racquet Bashing Skills in Full. What you’ve gotta love about this clip is that even though Serena is displaying The Ultimate in Unsportsmanlike Conduct, nobody stops her and we don’t blame them as she is in full She Hulk Mode!


But out you gotta admit she’s kinda hot in her Cute lil Tennis Outfit, and the fact that she’s having a Full Blown Temper Tantrum while wearing that Cute lil Tennis Outfit. We send our regards to that poor poor lil ole Tennis Racquet and we thank Serena for The Sexy Temper Tat. To all up and coming Tennis Players we highly recommend you don’t try this, especially if you’re a skinny lil white girl.

Cause if you’re a skinny lil white girl and you pull a stunt like this, chances are an Umpire or a back judge or whatever the hell they have in Tennis will probably say ” hey! You cut that out! You skinny lil white girl!” Then some Dictionary eating Ballboy will say “hey that’s not cool” then the crowd will say ” Awww” and the skinny lil white girl will be ashamed.

But that’s a Skinny lil white girl, now Serena, that’s a different story as you’re about to see, when Serena Snaps, nobody bothers her, reacts or gives her a Speech. In all honesty it’s probably cause she’s built like The She Hulk. The bottomline is you will find this amusing.

So in closing we’ll say please enjoy the clip and if you like leave a funny comment……. Especially if you’re a Skinny Lil White Girl.

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