Now That United Airlines & The Press Have Exposed Last Weeks Unfortunate Airline Passenger/Victim David Dao by Revealing His Very Checkered Past, We Now All Know That This Guy Has More Felonies Than Suge Knight & Has More Pills Than Bill Cosby! ( Mainly Percocets).

David Dao Now Has a Lawyer! And It Looks Like United Airlines CEO Dick McDickly– I Mean Oscar Munoz Is Ready To Dish Out A Cash Settlement To Dao Any Day Now!

We All Know What Happened On The Plane, But Honestly In Light of These New Developments, You Gotta Wonder? Was This Guy On Something? Was David Dao Hallucinating? Watch The Video And…… Well You Probably Still Won’t Know After That But at Least You’ll Get a Good Laugh!

Ayy! It’s Finklestein! I Give You The News, Its Just Comes Out Funny!

Abe Finklestein
Sports News & Humour


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