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​WARREN SAPP LOVES ” DEM” Hookers! Problem is they just don’t love him back at least that’s the way he sees it . Yes Warren Sapp is in trouble again. You can now add  buying sex to the long list of Warren Sapp’s crimes. He now has 99 problems and sex is one.
Sapp who in his  career was a loud mouth, brash, dirty hitter  was questioned by Miami Beach Police for an alleged domestic battery incident ( yea in other words he got into a fight with “dem” hookers ) Quick career  recap –Mr.” If you can count on me for anything you can count on me effing up again” filed for bankruptcy after making $82,185,056 in his NFL career. He ended up with $826.04 in his bank account   ( which were pretty sure we know where that money went )   So he files for Bankruptcy  meaning he’s bankrupt But despite being Bankrupt  he’s got money for “dem”  hookers.
Sweet Daddy Sapp’s quick career stats –297 tackles, 96.5 sacks, 8 forced fumbles, and 4 interceptions. Yes he was a  Sack Master and now he’s  just a………… um……Sack Master?  Wait Mr. Sapp where’s the growth? We guess there’ll be no growth now that he’s been suspended from his NFL job  As his wallet will now be shrinking . Despite being retired you can add one more sack to his total.
Yes The NFL network has suspended him and a few NFL players are enjoying seeing Warren once again waddle in misery. Several fans are enjoying his pain also and we’re one of them because we lost a  Truckload of Moolah when his team  ( The  Tampa Bay Bucs )beat our beloved PHILA Eagles to go to The Superbowl!! We hate you Warren. Big Bill’s leg never healed up right after the Santucci Bros. came to collect on that  bet! You Fat lookin like a male version of Missy Elliot…..Son of a………(Ok  One last diss and we’ll let it go.)
Sapp now stands for:

Luckily for Sapp, if he goes to jail for buying hookers, he will no longer have to pay for it as there’s plenty of it free there. We now leave Warren  Sapp with these  Profound   Words  of  Wisdom

” Silly Rabbit Trix are for Kids”


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