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WOW LOOK WHOSE IN DA NFL PLAYOFFS! 4 ALL-STAR QB’S! Boy it must be nice to be an NFL team owner these days cause in all honesty they can’t lose. Look at the last 4 Teams left Patriots, Colts, Seahawks and The Packers (most uncreative name ever for an NFL team) and wow you talkin
bout money man! You talkin bout NFL apparel selling like hot cakes (never understood that phrase) and ratings man. The NFL playoffs is Bigtime Business and to be honest everyone benefits- the fans, the players and but of course The Owners. The NFL PLayoffs are absolutely 100% Heaven to Football fans as most games are testosterone fueled adrenaline fests featuring fierce, powerful but intelligent gladiators who have fined tuned their bodies to endure, survive and compete in what is known as The NFL postseason! ( wow that was a lot ) Honestly ( haa! were a sports humor blog saying honestly) when you see those faces above in this article do we really need to mention who’s playing who? I mean just the faces alone tell a story that says ” yo it’s gonna be some good azz games on tv this weekend!” So get da popcorn get da hot dogs get da brewski’s get da burgers cause The Biggest Show on Earth is on gonna be on T.V and it’s called The NFL playoffs and everyone’s happy! The fans are happy The Networks are happy Pharell Williams is Definitely happy but most of all The NFL Owners are happy……….and rich did we mention their rich……filthy rich…….that was the whole purpose of this article…. Umm…. Go Owners??

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