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VERY COOL DOCUMENTARY ABOUT PHILA. Underground Basketball Legend Harold Barnes A Phila. Police Officer and Extraordinary Basketball Coach who helped change the life of many young men & women.

In the mid 80’s it can be arguably stated that in order to reach The NBA in Philly,  you had to be seen by either Sonny Hill, Bob Black or Harold Barnes. Being good on your High School Team is great but when a young b-ball player came across any of these names in The Summer Leagues, it meant they were definitely on the right track and more than likely about to be scouted and recommended.

This is a simple feel good documentary that highlights North Philly, Youth Sports and The Now Infamous North Penn P.A.L Center that produced an amazing amount of talent back in the day!

And Shoutout to you Harold Barnes, Word is you put 5 people in The NBA! That’s nothing to sneeze at.  Hope they broke you off some of dat change though!  im jus sayin.

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Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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