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It’s a D*mn, Crying Shame What Happened To The Atlanta Falcons In The Super Bowl. There Dream Basically Became A Nightmare! A Nightmare So Bad That Even This Website Refuses To Make Fun of Their Painful Dilemma.

Nope! This Time Were Taking The High Road, Because………….. Umm……… Umm……… You Know What F*ck It! Atlanta Gots Ta Take This “L” & Hold It!!

They Can Just Pretend Its The Lombardi Trophy, The Same Way They Pretended To Be Legitimate Contenders! Ouch That Hurts! But You Know What Else Hurts? Blowing A 28 pt. Lead & Losing The Superbowl In Overtime!

Now Let’s Just Hope They Lift The Suicide Watch In Atlanta.

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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