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The King of a Sports HumourONE WOULD THINK THAT ALLEN IVERSON AND LARRY BROWN, Who at one time were respectively Head Coach and Star Player, would have outlasted their relationship/friendship by now, seeing as though A.I has not played in The NBA or for Larry Brown in a few years now.


Honestly it’s been more than a few years, which just adds to the equation that is…. How in The H*ll are these two guys still friends?! And how? ( besides basketball ) did they ever become friends in the first dang place?! Think about it, let’s take a look at them both. We’ll start with  AI – 1998 – A young Black kid from Virginia with a hood like mentality, braids hiphop and all, who speaks his mind talks slang and likes to party.  (we’re not hating it is what it is, and please know that 70% of white kids in the suburbs have now jacked this kind of swagger)

Larry Brown – A White Man! And not just a White Man, A White Man with The Whitest of White Names.

At what point did AI say to Larry ” Yo check out this new Jigga Jawn (Jay Z Track ) it’s hot” And Larry Brown says ” yea I’m feelin that Jawn yo, we gotta go to Friday’s on City Line Ave and Pop Bottles with Super  Models” , But wait!  That didn’t happen! So how are these two guys friends? ( besides basketball )

At what point did Larry Brown say to AI ” Hey Allen come on up the Mainline to the House and we’ll have Bagels and Organic Coffee and listen to Celine Dion while we sit in the Gazebo and my wife Shelly talks about her plans to adopt gay crippled African children” and AI says” yo dats what I’m talkin bout yo Celine Dion is dat girl” , But Wait!  That didn’t happen! So how are these two guys friends?  (besides basketball )


Just recently Larry Brown in a phone interviewed lobbied for The Sixers to put AI in The Front office ” I just wish there was some way that he can be involved just teach him about the organization and let him figure it out, how he can help. He certainly can judge talent. He certainly has people’s respect. Kids would listen to anything he said. He’s certainly bright as hell”.


First of of all it’s obvious that Larry Brown has a Love Affair with the word ” Certainly” and Second of all it’s obvious that Larry B has still got mad love for your boy AI. And you know what? That’s beautiful but it still doesn’t answer the question and the question, once again is?… So how are these two guys friends and still friends?


Let us us take a crack at this, you see we believe that game recognizes game and deep down inside there’s a part of Larry Brown that wants to be  a Hiphop Slang  talkin ” G” , Cornrows and all!  And deep down inside there’s a part of Allen Iverson  that just wants to be a Corny  Suburban White Man that’s got his life together. So this theory of opposites attract is what we believe to be true and obviously so does 59% of America, that’s why the doggone divorce rate is so high!


So so there it is that’s our theory and it’s a good one, it’s totally better than our other theory about them being in The Illuminati and all, but we would never print trash like that! Never! Umm…. But just in case you do wanna read Trash like that, check out ” The NBA’s Dark Little Secret”   P.s —You know you’re gonna go read it, stop Frontin!



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