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WE DECIDED TO GRAB THIS CLIP OF STEPHEN CURRY & JAMES ( I look like a smurf ) HARDEN to illustrate the Greatness of Teamwork but more importantly to point out the fact that Stephen is a Freaking Basketball Wizard!

Just look at the passes in this clip, look at the Footwork and the Dribbling the man is Simply Amazing! And James Harden doesn’t look too bad either even though his Beard is so perfectly  groomed it defies The whole logic of having a Beard in the first place, but that’s beside the point- these two work good together we’re not going to hate.

We like Stephen Curry we feel as though he’s good and refreshing for basketball but it’s obvious that he’s made some kind of deal with the devil. Seriously though, it’s good to see talent like this, it really is, even though this is footage is from The 2015 NBA All-Star Game, we felt the need to highlight and share it.

The thing we like most about this is that we know kids all over The world are gonna see these moves and try to emulate them leading to their friends saying, “C’mon man if you don’t get the freak outta here “wit” dat wanna be Stephan Curry at da All-Star game junk!”

This will lead to the 1st kid calling the 2nd kid a hater and then the 2nd kid will say to the 1st kid somebody need to hate on ya big wanting to be Stephen Curry at the All-Star game azz! This will ultimately lead to a fight and of course you know everybody’s homies and boys are gonna jump in it and then somebody’s gonna scream out yo! One of  “em” got a Gun!

And then!………. You know what maybe sharing this video isn’t such a good idea, maybe here at for once we need to stop being funny and take responsibility, be mature and do The Right Thing ( kick rocks Spike Lee d**mit  we said it) do what’s right for The Children and set an example of  accountability and positivity.

Nope! We’re Sharing this video and if that fight starts on The Playground because of some kid seeing this video imitating it making some other kid tell that kid that he looks stupid. Please send us that footage! You can be sure we’ll do the responsible thing with it. P.s. no we won’t we’ ll sale those kids out faster than The Censors at The Billboard Awards Bleeped Kanye West’s Performance.



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