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WOW! PHILA. EAGLES FANS DID YOU KNOW BACK IN OCTOBER 2014 some bonehead analyst by the name of Greg Garber who works for suggested that the Eagles put up Shady & LB Brandon Graham with 2nd & 5th round picks to the ( believe it or not) Oakland ( just win baby but haven’t won in years) Raiders in exchange for their 1st round selections. Don’t believe us check the source article “Should the Eagles consider Trading Lesean McCoy to Oakland” (Google it) If this is old news to you then Dagnabbit were rehashing it! But back to this Greg Garber dude seriously why would he even suggest something like that and would anybody even bite on that deal?? Well of course all you super smart Eagles fans know the answer is No Friggin way!! Shady ain’t goin nowhere! Why because he’s the Eagles Alltime leading rusher he’s 27 ( which in running back years which is kinda like dog years is well ..let’s just say mature ) translation -there are teams who will take a 27 yr. old running back but not a team that’s rebuilding. ( you know kinda like the Raiders are?) And to make sure all you Lesean fans sleep at night (you were gonna sleep anyway cause this article is all pure speculation) please know that in 2015 Shady McCoy is set to make 10.25 million as a PHILA Eagle. ( it always comes down to the money always) The Bottomline Eagles fans is Lesean McCoy is like your broke azz cousin laying on your couch in the wintertime……..he ain’t goin nowhere! That is until you kick him out (and that depends on how big your cousin is)

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