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The King of Sports HumourIN THE NEAR FUTURE WHEN YOU SEE TWO Young boys fighting on the corner and you stop to look cause let’s face it not all grownups stop fights  sometimes we let that rumble happen. There’s probably gonna be a little something different about that fight, that being no one will be swinging just dancing ,bobbing and weaving and of course “stuntin” for the crowd. Not punching but preening not boxing but pop locking. Yes folks this is called The Mayweather Effect and unfortunately it just might catch on everywhere. As in every city lil kids will start to adapt to this trend, but the good news is fights will be down and black eyes & bloody noses will be a thing of the past.

The king of sports humor

Fighting everywhere as we know it just might change that being on the heels of The Greatest Dance um we mean Fight we’ve ever seen.” The Fight of The Century “Pacquiao vs Mayweather where two grown men danced like they were auditioning for “Glee”. But seriously folks have we just  witnessed ” The Death Of Boxing” ? and if so did Floyd Mayweather kill it? To be honest Floyd’s doing what a Boxer should be doing that is hit and avoid getting hit, problem is he’s to good at it I mean really good and subsequently his fights can sometime be just a lil bit boring, you know kinda like his last one. We seriously hope this doesn’t become a trend and all The Young Boxers and PeeWee Boxers start doing this.

The king of sports humourThe king of sports humour

Pretty soon it won’t be called Boxing anymore it’ll be called Boxing with The Stars or and this is our personal favorite “Not Boxing” that way the running dancing and defending will be met with open arms and Floyd will be the model “not boxer” that all kids wanna be like. Hey that’s not so bad is it? Maybe it’ll lead to a new non- violent trend maybe Dr King’s Dream wasn’t in vain after all ( yes it was. have u seen brothers in the hood walkin round with their drawers out? ) yea that dream didn’t make it and before you comment look at the pic below….. Yea we thought so.

The King of Sports Humour


In closing we’ll say this Floyd Mayweather is a Boxing Genius who’s came up with a style that is pretty hard to beat, but in doing so he beat us all out of our hard earned money and possibly killed America’s Beloved Sport of Boxing. So remember the next time your kids get in a fight in nobody gets hurt we all can thank Floyd Mayweather for that.

The King Of Sports Humour


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