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The king of sports humor AHTYBA RUBIN IS NOW A Seattle Seahawk! Yes! Ahtyba Rubin the guy who spent seven lackluster slightly above average seasons with The lackluster slightly above average Cleveland Browns ( nose tackle 375 tackles & 12 sacks )  ” nobody cares”To be fair he played 3-4 inside where it’s kinda hard to get star time numbers but he’s suppossedly known for his tenacity and hustle and never die attitude which made him what he is……. A guy who played for The Cleveland Browns a team that’s synonymous with mediocrity.  ( but don’t get it twisted Cleveland will play you! But quite simply they’re not known for winning )  ” nobody cares”

The Bottomline is we wish you luck with your new team and here’s hoping you win a Super Bowl! Ok Mr. Robin we mean Ribbon we mean ummm….. D*mmit nobody cares!



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