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imageimageimageimageSo The Phila Eagles think Riley Cooper is a contributor to Black History . They think he should be mentioned in the same vein as those Historical Black Patriarchs ( Martin Luther King- Angela Davis & Malcolm x ) we see above. At least that’s what their calendar says. Everybody in The Sports Universe knows this by now but what you didn’t  know is how we were going to put our unique spin on it and honestly folks we don’t need know stinking spin because this story is stupid enough on it’s own to warrant space over here. The Phila Eagles have Riley Cooper a Caucasian male appearing on the February page of their yearly calendar. Of course we all know that February is Black History month so this makes no sense and initially when  in house writer Adayus Knight told me the story my first reaction was… Maaaaan get da fock outta here what in the name of Molly Cyrus?  how could something that stupid ever happen but it did. image

So honestly readers tell us what you think about Riley Cooper a man who just less than a year ago got caught dropping the “N” word more times than a hype man at a Rick Ross concert being featured  for Black History month on The Phila Eagles calendar? The Eagles have went on record to say ” we don’t control the calendars content a company does that. And to be honest that is a fair explanation however they still have the power to rectify this situation by calling that company up and saying something like  “you blithering bunch of freakin idiots how can anybody be this stupid?” Yea something like that.

The  Bottomline is The Eagles wanted Riley Cooper to speak out on this highly controversial subject but they were afraid that he would say something like  this… ” yo all them dudes who made the calendar are cool with me…… matter of fact they’re all my N* gga’s ( yea we can totally see him saying that) don’t worry he means it in a good way and some of his friends  and teammates are black!…… if someone would’ve  just told that to the idiots that made that Calender we wouldn’t be in this mess.



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