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Buffalo Bills F.G Kicker Dan Carpenter should be In a Wheelchair by now! Why? Because Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman did to his knees what most people wanna do to their Ex’s when they see them ride by looking all good snuggling up with their new someone else!

He Wacked those little kicker knees! And now as a result of that, Dan Carpenter’s Wife ( whose not important enough to name ) wants to cut Richard Sherman’s Nuts—-I mean Castrate him! With Sheering Tools! Or whatever, She’s a Farm Girl & She’s Ready! She even posted a picture of The Castration Device on Twitter!


This is causing a controversy and some folks are actually saying she just might be a Racist. She’s now claiming that the picture was just good natured humor and she didn’t mean for it to be taken serious. ( you know like Solange Knowles Singing Career ) Yeah whatever! I personally think  She’s full of Shiitake Mushrooms!

Richard Sherman could not be reached for comment but you can bet he’s somewhere grabbing his crotch and saying “Maaan! That B**ch Crazy!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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