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The king of sports humourTHE GENIUSES AT REEBOK HAVE DECIDED That Failure is a dish best served multiple times and to different generations as they once again will release it’s struggling Pump Brand of Sneakers  ( March 10th ) that originally debuted in 1989. This was when players like Dominique Wilkins and Dee Brown were Top names in the NBA ,it was the 91 Allstar Game when Dee Brown pumped his Reebok’s up and won The Slam Dunk Title and shortly after that Shaquille Oneal was given his own line of Pumps. This was a Golden Time in Basketball History when every teenage boy thought that just by having these sneak you we’re “Bamm”! Somehow magically better! That just by bending over and Pumping air into yor sneaker your skills and talent would just automatically increase and now you were great! In retrospect you know how many broken leg’s and twisted ankles came about back in the day because of these sneakers?The king of sports humourimagePersonally I remember Pumping my Reebok’s up so hard that I simply did not give my ankle any room to move and as a result when I tried to hit my ” Freaky Deaky Pete” B-boy specialty move on the courts ( cause the girls were watching ) my Reebok’s went right but my ankle went left and the resulting snap was so loud that People started running cause they thought that somebody was “shootin” in the hood. The remaining crowd that didn’t run got to see me crying like a baby, to be honest I tried to hold it in cause once again let me re-iterate ” the girls were watching” but i b*tched out and did the whole ” don’t touch me” don’t touch me” thing that people do when they’re really hurt and to top it off I had some tight azz lime green terry cloth shorts on and to this day I hate Reebok’simageimage


To be Honest the Reebok’s pictured at the top of this post are kinda fly and if the right rapper wears them or females start rockin “em”  they might catch on, but heres the deal they cost 125$ and for that price any B-boy or B-girl knows that you might as well put together a couple of more dollars and get you some Timbaland’s or Jordan’s. These are classic brands in the hood that will never play out you know kinda like a pair of white chuck’s or a baseball cap or a hoodie. These are the true classics Reebok please take notes. And please issue a warning disclaimer this time with these sneakers so nobody will have to go through what I went through cause trust me every time it rains I still feel that daddy and I still blame yall for my circus like injury! And the humiliation I had to endure wearing those d*mn lime green terry cloth shorts that I told my mom I ain’t wanna wear and oooogh I ain’t gonna never forget that! That was so embarrassing and I swear Reebok yall gonna pay for that! Yall gonna pay!!!  The Bottomline is Reebok just know I’m coming to your Headqaurters one day with my own Pump and it won’t be the kinda pump for your Sneakers either.



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