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Little Billy Lovehart Has Been Through A Lot. But He’s Certainly Made It Through The Storm. Lil Billy, 9 yrs. old, has been in a Coma since he was 4 and on Top of that he’s An Avid Steelers Fan! Ever since Lil Billy was 1 yrs. old he has attended every Single Steelers Home game!

“We went as a Family” Said William Lovehart ” We made sure Billy sat up front for all The Games except that one time we watched The Game at home. That’s when The Coma started, we left Lil Billy in the room by himself for a minute and he sat on the remote and it switched to an Andy Reid Press Conference! He’s been in a Coma ever since”!

But that all changed Sunday Sept. 25th, as his Family turned his Hospital Room into a Steelers Shrine, Complete with a 60 inch HD Flatscreen Digital TV, tuned in to The Eagles-Steelers 4.25 p.m game! And Lil Billy finally opened his eyes, sat up, and came right out that Coma!

All his Family in the room began to cry & shout for joy! You see Billy had been given a Special New Treatment Medication that would not only just lift him out his Coma, but actually wake him between 7 & 7.25 p.m.

Just in time to see The Heavily Favored Steelers Pound The Crap out of The Rebuilding Eagles, but as we all know, it didn’t quite go that way, In Actually The Phila Eagles along with their Hot New Prodigious QB Carson Wentz, went on to Beat Sh*t down The Steelers Leg!

At first The Family tried to cover it up, “I really love my Son” said Mrs. Lovehart but when Lil Billy asked Mom, Dad, did the Steelers win today? I had to turn my head so he wouldn’t see me crying! I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they lost & we no longer can  afford his hospital room cause we bet everything we had on The Steelers!

But eventually Lil Billy found out The Steelers lost and began to cry! When he was told The Eagles beat by 31 points he began to convulse & shake! But When he found out that The Steelers got beat by a Rookie QB with only 2 NFL games under his belt, he went back into The Coma!

The next day Steelers QB Ben Roethlisburger showed up to his room to cheer him up, and Lil Billy did re-awake from his Coma again! Just to look up at Big Ben and say “F**k You Ben! F**k You! The Steelers! And everything that looks like you and The Steelers”! Then went back into A Coma Again.

Wow! How Sad.

But this story does have a good ending though. Big Ben caught the eye of one of The Nurses on Lil Billy’s floor, took her in the closet, pulled a QB Sneak & Proceeded to Banged her Wig Sideways!

Oh well at least Somebody Scored, cause Lil Billy sure didn’t.


Sports Humour


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