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80DA582B-0DD5-4913-A303-A1135AED94D7 THERE’S A RUMOR GOING AROUND THAT WHILE YOU WERE WATCHING  THE NCAA TOURNAMENT last night, Pharrell Williams was getting the Shaving cream kicked out of him by a group of merciless College Hoops Fans who wanted nothing to do with him and his Chants of Happiness and that Big Goofy Hat that he stole from Curious George’s Trainer.

The NCAA Selection Committee issued this Statement: ” We respect Pharrell Williams as an Artist for his positive and Happy image but in all due respect we don’t want his Happy Azz here! Especially with that Big Goofy Hat on”! March Madness is about Passion & Desire and Teams Playing there hearts out, and while happy is a positive mindset it doesn’t necessarily reflect the mindset of these athletes and The Tournament”.

But the fans were more direct with their disdain for Mr. Williams and went so far as to remove him from the game, take him outside and deliver an Olskool backyard beatdown that lasted more than 30 minutes!

At one point Marvin Gaye’s Son & his Lawyer showed up and thought it would be funny to actually play Pharrell’s Hit Song “Happy” as The Poor Rapsinger continued to receive a beatdown at the hands of the angry crowd! The beating continued and people began to start cooking out & selling ” I saw Pharrell get his Azz whooped”‘ T-shirts.

The beating lasted so long, and It got so stupid that Pharrells old buddy and fellow rapper Pusha-T stepped up out of nowhere and said

“Hey! Let me hit em”

The Stunned Crowd turned around and said why?

“Cause I haven’t had a hit in years”!

Then Pusha- T walked away quickly! To hide The Man Tears!0538F80F-89C9-4F60-92D4-92E0717E79F8

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