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image( Unassociated Press ) Pete Carroll has been under tremendous fire lately and a lot of people would say he deserves it. I mean let’s face it he cost his team a Superbowl victory  a Parade and a Place in The History books as repeat champions. Everybody knows about the bonehead 1 yd. line screwup by now that practically makes Pete the most dumbest coach in the world. But how could this happen? How can a bonafide N. F. L headcoach have the ball on his 1 yd. line and chose not to run it in? Well he says it was GOD! Yes he pulled the GOD card and he had to cause what you readers don’t know is The Seattle Seahawks and everybody on that sideline was gonna whoop his azz! I mean every body cheerleaders, waterboys,  Katy Perry everybody even Icky Woods wanted to whoop his azz even though he needs his whooped for doing that stupid Icky Shuffle 20 yrs. after it played out.

Were told that immediately after the  now legendary play Pete started looking for a Bible and began qouting versus cause he knew this would save him. Yes he knew the good book would work to save him like it always does ( except for when your in prison and your muslim cellmate tells you your god is false and he beats you up takes your ramen noodles,makes you wash his draws and pray to allah ) But according to our inside sources ( my cousin and dem ) Pete has now gone full out and is now walking round dressed like The Pope burning incense and sacrificing doves. This is saving him now but just know Pete that the Seattle fans wanna beat you bad! How bad? Worse than your 13 yr. old son beats it in the bathroom when no one’s home! But for now Pete Carroll is safe and God will protect him.. …… if God would just protect us from Icky Woods.



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