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The King of SportsNFL SIDELINE Reporter Pam Oliver is one Fine Black Sister but she Kinda looks like a Horse. A sexy Horse but nonetheless a Horse, even though Pam is fairly young she’s been around practically forever in The World of Pro Football and her thoughts and views are highly respected but she kinda looks like a Horse, a sexy Horse but a Horse  is a Horse of course of course. Pam has reported from the sideline for some of the biggest games in NFL History as well as broke barriers for Women everywhere especially Women of color, all the while lookin like a Young Azz Sexy Azz Mr. Ed after he went and got dat Bruce Jenner Banana Split.

The King of Sports Humour

To be fair there have been several horse faced women in entertainment over the years, (and to be really fair how the hell can a horse be sexy? ) remember  that Horse faced Chick on SoulTrain in the 90’s that was a Dancer and her Sister was The court Stenographer on Divorce Court or one of them Courts, they were sexy even though they looked liked horses. Pam Oliver is a Iconic Sideline Presence that has become synonymous with NFL Updates and Reports And you know what we can go on and on and on about her greatness her professionalism and blah blah blah but the Bottomline is this Pam Oliver you look like a horse in the face!………….,…but a sexy horse nonetheless and oh yea p.s the one on the left is Pam


sports humour


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