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The King of Sports Humour ONE WOULD THINK THAT THINGS COULD GET NO WORSE IN THE NEVER ENDING SAGA THAT iS LAMAR ODOMS LIFE BUT We all know that old saying ” what can go wrong will go wrong” and ladies & gentlemen wrong just stepped in hard! And in this case wrong has a name and that name is Caitlyn Bruce Jenner, as reports are now beginning to surface that she possibly was in that room with Lamar Odom the night he collapsed.

Sources say Caitlyn Bruce knew of Lamar’s fetish for Mrs. Doubtfire and upon arriving at his hotel room there was no doubt in Caitlyn’s mind that his fire would be quenched! Herbal Viagra & Herbal Crack ( dont ask) were consumed heavily and Things began to get hot & heavy! Caitlyn Bruce pulled out a box of Wheaties & asked Lamar to poor them all over his/her body, Lamar said ok and that’s when every thing went Ben Carson, ooops meant to say Coo-Coo!

Caitlyn Bruce disrobed revealing her Brand New Man Made Surgery Assisted Transgendered Body and as a result Lamar took one look at this and began to vomit but he didn’t wanna offend the transgendered community by vomiting over Caitlyn Bruce so he tried to hold back his sickness which is never a good idea and this led to Lamar passing out.

Caitlyn Bruce Hightailed it outta there but in the process hit two pedestrians with her car & foolishly left behind that box of Wheaties which authorities are now using as evidence in this case. When asked about the case authorities said that they currently have a possible subject & released the following picture.

The King of Sports Humour

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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