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Montana to Brady I'm still ur


Despite the fact that Tom Brady broke his record Joe Montana  is still regarded as “Big Daddy” he is simply not fazed he’s taking it all in stride.
​Well, not exactly. Big Daddy Joe didn’t exactly say he was the best ever but he did mention that Tom Brady probably knew who tampered with and deflated those balls, which if you ask me, Joe is calling Tom a cheater. And as a child I learned that cheaters never win ( um except For the patriots and those crooks who call themselves Sprint ) and since Joe hates cheaters,  he doesn’t respect Tom Brady’s game enough to hold him in elite status with his own name. ( translation ” how you gonna be da goat but you cheated )
​Tom is great regardless of his shady past but Joe is 4-0 in Super Bowls like Michael Jordan was 6-0. Great players play in the biggest of games and the rarest of the elite never lose them. Plus, Joe and Michael were in an 80’s cartoon. Tom never had a Saturday morning cartoon. Did you, Tom? But  Tom’s wife is a model. But Joe had models too. But Tom makes more money but Joe played in a different era. But Tom has thrown one more T.D than Joe.  But Joe won 4 Superbowls straight. You know what readers this could go on forever let’s just end it by saying Tom’s great he’s the man and technically he is the G.O. A. T  but the Bottomline is…. We’re’ sorry Tom but Joe Montana is still your “Your Daddy”!…….now  can someone please tell lil shaquida from 29th and berks who her daddy is so she can stop coming to our office asking us.


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