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imageADRIAN PETERSON will probably play in The NFL again but for now he has to deal with the harsh terms of his suspension, being that is one of the terms of the suspension is he can’t talk to any members of the team or management and Adrian ( never understood how this name could be given to a male child ) doesn’t like it one bit. Right now he has to communicate through his family and friends and to be honest that does kinda suck seeing as though Adrian has given The Vikings his heart soul and more importantly his legs which in NFL years don’t have a particularly long shelf life.  ( 7 yrs.  to be exact )

image imageBut those are the rules, it’s not like the team is mad at him it’s just the rules, everybody knows by now that Adrian beat his child with a switch ( a staple in the black community – and trust me it does work ) and was disciplined by The NFL and everybody was cool with that ” til” the whole Ray Rice thing happened forcing The League to make a scape goat out of poor ol Adrian. This is leaving a bad taste in in Adrian’s mouth and to clear things up we here at abefinklestein were offered a chance to go and speak one on one with Adrian but we turned it down. Why??…….. IBecause we were afraid he might beat us with a switch.


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