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The King of Sports HumourThe King of Sports HumourEVERYONE KNOWS THAT MICHAEL SAM ( the first openly gay NFL player ) didn’t make the NFL and subsequently he’s now appearing on “Dancing with The Stars”. Ok yawn we know that but wait! Did you know about Michael’s Secret Plan to “Dance his way back into the NFL” Just Look at that mans face! Look at that picture! Look at the passion! How can you deny it? Who knew that Michael would take it this far and expose that he can cut a rug and trip the light fantastic, twist, tango, and twerk  his way into our living rooms.

The king of sports humour

Well we knew! We here at knew all along about Michael’s “Master Plan”! His plan to Michael Jackson, Mc Hammer his way back into The League. Ok here’s Michael’s reasoning and logic & Master Plan!  You see the people that he feels would not accept him in The NFL because he was openly gay will now accept him after they see him dancing, and not just dancing folks  but ” Dancing with The Stars”! You see that folks? You get it? See what Michael Sam just did there? See the brilliance? Huh?

The king of sports humourimageEven Looney Tunes Cartoon Legend Wyle E Coyote would be proud of Michael’s Super Genius Plan and so are we. Even though we’re a Sports Humour Mag and it’s our job to Totally  Ether any and all Athletes, we’re not even gonna say anything negative like Michael Sams Master Plan is not gonna work but……………………………..Michael Sams Master Plan is not gonna work.  See Told you we wouldn’t say it.



Sports Humour




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