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MICHAEL JORDAN IS SURE TO CATCH HEAT FOR Planning to release The A-R-Glock 27’s! A Controversial line of footwear aimed specifically at “The Black Lives Matter” Movement. Critics are already saying this will lead to potential violence and shootings & that Jordan is only adding fuel to the fire!

But Jordan sees things otherwise, stating that this new line of footwear will make protestors feel more comfortable and cops more hesitant. As a matter of fact, said Jordan ” if a police officer stops somebody with my new Jordan  A-R – Glock 27’s on instead of arresting them, more than likely they’ll probably ask them where they got those cool sneaks from”.

“These sneakers will bring both Police & Protestor together”! How? “Well most Cops are into guns, so once they see these sneaker-guns on the protestors feet, it’s gonna lead to a conversation. And in the end, The Police & The Protestors will sit down and have a cold one and ultimately work things out”.

So there it is folks Jordan Plans to release The A-R- Glock 27’s at a retail price of 1,800$! I personally think they’re gonna work. Why? Because after you spend 1,800$ on a pair of gun sneex, you’ll probably be too broke to protest!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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