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imageSports humor tabloidBefore you even say something stupid How can Michael Jackson’s hologram give an interview we’re gonna remind you that you’re the Einstein that clicked on this article and furthermore what do you really expect from us? I mean we’re a Sports Humour magazine/tabloid and it’s pretty much our job to come up with this type of random stupidness so don’t go Gettin all uppity wuppity on us ok. So let’s get straight down to it!

The following is an excerpt from an actual interview:

MJ’s Hologram: Hello Adayus and congrats on your new gig as a writer for one of the funniest new websites around ( blatant plug )

Adayus Knight: Yo this is ridiculous man your not even a real person. This is Ludicrous!

MJ’s Hologram: Oh nonsense don’t be a silly nillly  billy now come on what’s it like writing for a humor magazine?

Adayus Knight: Great! Finklestein  is cool always buying lunch, we love Chipotle, spicy chili Doritos and Acme fried chicken.

MJ’s Hologram: No salad? You need salads their healthy.

Adayus Knight: How the f#*k would you know you’re a freakin hologram! This is an insult why couldn’t I be interviewed by a real person?

MJ’s Hologram: Well the two choices were either me or Gabourney Sidibe.

Adayus Knight: Precious?

MJ’s Hologram: Yes she’s in the studio now, would you like to meet her she really thinks your hot! And– hey Adayus were you goin? Adayus? Adayus?!!! Adayussssssss!!!! Dang was it something I said? Huh? Well anyway I’m through where’s the bathroom I suddenly feel the need to take a Holographic dump!



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