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imageYES MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE! And so are Elvis And Tupac! Yes all those Internet rumors are true and they will miraculously re- emerge at this years Super Bowl! Yes this will be spectacular ( before we go any further I’m just lettin y’all know that we didn’t take our medicine ) yes these Three Music Diety’s will live on via Hologram Technology. Yes the Hologram people have went crazy this year and have suggested a Haltime Super Bowl Performance that is to die for or that has already been died for. Whatever either way we’ve been told that with M.J’s hologram they plan to make his skin translucent and insert digital goldfish swimming around through his face during his performance and also instead of just touching his crotch this time he will beat his crotch up so bad that if you through it up in the air it would turn into sunshine. ( Della Reese “Harlem Nights”  ) Elvis will Gyrate his pelvis like he did in the 60’s aaaaaaaaaaaand no one will care. A Drunken Lisa Marie Presley will run close to the stage but security will stop her because they won’t know who the hell she is and quite frankly they will be to busy staring at Elvis and saying ” yo who da f#%k is dat old man onstage grinding his pelvis like it’s the 1960’s. Then Tupac will come out! Yea Tupac da man! But instead of rapping he’s gonna go into a full Makavellian rant about how Suge Knight and Death Row Records took his money! Since his shirt will be off this will cause Lisa Marie to run onstage to have a hot drunken love make out session with Mike and Tupac’s Holograms. Elvis’s Hologram will then start whoopin Mike and Tupac’s Holograms azz. But not for long as MJ and Pac team up and Whoop Elvis’s azz! Then Rodney King’s Hologram will appear and scream ” can’t we all jus get along”! And that’s when everybody will get all loving and caring and all Jesus like and that’s when the whole Super Bowl crowd will get together hold hands and sing we are the world.  And that’s what will happen At Super Bowl 49’s Halftime show ( and this is what happens when you don’t take your medicine. This just in: Coolio and Mc Hammer are also set to perform although they are not Hologram’s technically they’re career has been dead for the last 20 yrs.


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