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WELL MCDONALD’S IS NOT EVEN trying to hide it anymore. No longer are they running from the rumors that have dogged them for years that their burgers contain horsemeat but in an about face turn they are now fully embracing it!  One high level executive in the company  Arnold Mcdonald (Ronald’s lil brother)  said…….in i qoute this  ” maaaan this economy is so bad right now that people will probably eat horse meat!  What the hell they’ve been eatin it for years anyway”!  He then went on to say the smartyjones burger will be our best seller yet!  I mean think about it?  You eat at mcdonalds  you might as well eat
any f**kin thing!  We plan to open a racetrack at several mcdonalds so when your horse loses you can fry his ass up and throw some special sauce on it. In other news the winners of the last 3 preakness grand prix’s are missing.  mr.ed’s   relative’s are  pissed and  ronald mcdonald  has been asked to step down to make room for their new mascot  john elway oops i mean Smarty Mcdonald’s….. hey you gotta admit the guy does look like a horse.



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