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3rd STRING PHILA EAGLES QB Matt Barkley is starting to feel like the invisible man these days as his team continues to make moves that dont have him in the picture (thats probably because he’s invisible) So it goes like this first he’s drafted with high expectations only to watch the Eagles bring in Mark (nobody cares) Sanchez who beats him out for the title of backup QB.

Then in a meaningless last game of the year against a N.Y GIANTS team that was about as giant as Allen Iverson’s bank account, the Eagles decided to get all heroic like and win the last game thus starting Sanchez as Barkley watched from the bench.(at least we think he did cause he’s invisible) And if that isnt bad enough the word is that in this years NFL Draft the Eagles plan to go after Oregon’s Marcus Marriota.

Ouch! If the Eagles grab Marriota expect Barkley to pack his bags and move on but you’ll never see it cause his bags are invisible and he’ll probably get on an invisible plane too you know kinda like Wonder Women’s invisible plane that didn’t make any sense cause she wasn’t invisible.

The Bottomline is we wish you the best in whatever you do Matt Barkley and if we wont be seeing you in around here (philly) then we probably wont be seeing you anywhere, you know why folks?……..because he’s invisible.

Abe Finklestein

Sports humour


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