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LET’S TALK RODGER GOODELL  he’s The Highly Respected NFL Commissioner! Yes he’s in control of 32  NFL teams and lauded by them for his work in cleaning up the league. All of which earned him an astonishing (yay we’re using big words)  44 million dollars last year. He made a $3.5 million salary and a $40.36 million bonus. The bonuses are because of his advancement of the league and how his hard stance on criminal activity help change things and how he made The NFL a better place and blah blah blah.

Then 2014 happened!!  Umm were just gonna say  Ray Rice & Adrian Peterson. Which brings us to Marshawn Lynch and his desire to not be heard and Massa Commissioner Goodell demanding he speaks. Now we’re not gonna  trash Roger Goodell and call him an old 1950’s Southern White Officer  because of the way he treats the black athlete  but we’re gonna trash Roger Goodell and call him an old 1950’s Southern White Officer because of the way he treats the black athlete who’s making major paper!  He’s a player hater. literally  a player hater ( Get it? )
​“Listen here, Boy! You’re gonna get up there and you’re gonna talk, Boy! Now get. Get in front of those reporters Boy!  before we fine you and take back our money Boy! You hear me,
​That’s a direct quote from a Southern White Officer (just thought we’d toss that one in there) not  Roger Goodell  who’s now deciding if he should fine Marshawn for wearing an unapproved hat. Wtf? Marshawn’s company is making money off of the hat he wore and this bothers Massa Goodell. He wants Marshawn to wear a pre-approved hat so only the NFL can make money off of Marshawn. translation    (naw homie u can’t clock on this block unless u break my squad off )

​Big ups to Marshawn for doing the interviews and laughing at the reporters for not being able to take a hint. And notice how he keeps wearing the same hat he’s getting fined for but in the process of wearing it he makes more money than the fine itself.  that’s the new American way. Make more than Massa can take.
​On a side note, this Sunday we’re in for one hell of a Super Bowl! And if Marshawn’s team win’s while standing on the podium, instead of answering one of Goodell’s questions. were hoping He just takes his trophy and walks away…….you know kinda  like the end of The old Incredible Hulk  tv show when the credits are rolling and David Banner is walking down that road and that sad music is playing? Yea kinda like that

Adayus Knight
Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour



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