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The King of Sports Humour NAW MAN! I HAD AIDS FIRST! THAT’S WHAT MAGIC JOHNSON IS SAYING NOW THAT ACTOR CHARLIE SHEEN HAS JUST Announced that he’s HIV Positive. But Guess what folks Magic Johnson is not having it and he’s going all out with it by letting everybody know that he’s The Original AIDS God! (Wow didn’t know that word even existed) oh well we learn something new everyday.

Magic claims on his Wikipedia page that he’s The Sole Originator & Proprietor of having Celebrity AIDS, and he did it first in 1992! Not Arthur Ashe not Tommy “the duke”Morrison, not even that lil kid from the Michael Jackson Gone too Soon Video, “look i’m dat AIDS bull (boy) nobody else!” I started all this having AIDS & being a Celebrity Sh**t! Charlie Sheen is a Biter!”

“How you gonna wait d*mn near 25 yrs and come out & steal my whole stuff? That’s Corny man! Because of that, in the future when someone Google’s “Celebrity with AIDS” because Charlie’s name starts with a C, his name will come up first. Not mine! Watch! 20 yrs. from now he’ll still be here looking healthy just like me, maaan i thought i had this Celebrity AIDS thing on Smash.

“You got that Charlie, but you know what? I’m a see you out here on these streets and when i do………………………..I’m gonna challenge you to an AIDS off!” AIDS Off? Wtf? We asked Charlie Sheen how he felt about all this and his response was. “Magic’s just being Negative and that’s not good!  Its important that at this time in our lives that Magic Johnson & I both remain…………………”POSITIVE!”

Um…. Two guys with AIDS/HIV who must remain “POSITIVE”? We’re not even gonna touch that

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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