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imageOVER HERE AT ABE FINLESTEIN WE JUST luvs a good story and this gets no better as two grown men go back to schoolyard tactics in order to outclown each other (well at least thats what we think) as you know from a previous article we wrote Desean Jackson was all like rubbin it in on The Eagles that his team knocked their team out of the playoffs that is until Lesean Mccoy responded by makin fun of Desean making fun of them (The Eagles)  because Lesean is one of the NFL’s top rushers but Desean’s team knocked The Eagles out the playoffs but The Eagles had a better record but Desean used to play for the Eagles but now he doesn’t. Wait!  This is confusing and also how do these bonafide NFL stars have all this time on their hands to do this? Did  this smack talking help there teams?  Probably not but hey we love it when they talk like this! Gives us a story and face it America “we love the drama” and oh yeah…….the sports…… can’t forget the sports!

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